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Charles D. Geddes

Rev. Dr. Charles Geddes


Dr. Charles D. Geddes is a founding member of the Big Sky Retreat.  He has 50 years of ministry and served on the Board of Directors of International Centers for Spiritual Living.  He was awarded an honorary doctorate for his years of contributions and in 2004 voted Minister of the Year. In 2019 he received a Doctor of Divinity from the Alliance for New Thought Networking (ANTN).  He is the Emeritus founder of Bridges Spiritual Centers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  In 2020 he launched a new non-profit “M.Y.O.B.” – Mind Your Own Becoming –devoted to addressing key issues of our time to create healing dialog together, enriching our lives, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  And — he is moving to Montana!

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Vice President

Ali joined the Big Sky Retreat family in 2010 and stepped on to the Board of Directors in 2017.  Rev. Ali founded the Satya Center for Conscious Living in Ogden, Utah in 2009 and serves as the Spiritual Director.  Ali received her ordination from the Emerson Theological Institute in 2010.  She serves the New Thought movement in several capacities to include Vice President of the Affiliated New Thought Network.

Ali and her husband Michael Benjamin RScP, work together and support many New Thought centers and communities around the country.  The main focus is their mobile ministry, Life on a Joyride!  They travel in OM Shanti hOMe (camper van) visiting communities to facilitate spiritual deep dive experiences, workshops, classes, and share their empowering message of overcoming life’s challenges, healing from trauma and loss, living unconditional joy, and activating authentic power.

Dr. Katie LeviKatie Levi


Katie began her New Thought journey in 2002 when she entered the Fort Lauderdale Center for Spiritual Living; it was here she knew she was a life-long student of these teachings.  Katie started her formal training with the Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she also served as a member of the Board of Directors.  In 2019, Katie completed her Doctorate in Spiritual Studies and became a Religious Science Certified Practitioner (RScP) from the Emerson Theological Institute in Oakhurst, CA.  By day, Katie works for the Department of Veteran Affairs as a Senior IT Analyst.

Katie attended her first Big Sky Retreat in 2017 and joined the Board in 2020.

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Dawn BaloghDawn Balogh


Dawn was raised as a student of metaphysics and attended her first Big Sky Retreat in 2006. She volunteered as assistant cashier until 2016 when she became head cashier. In 2017 Dawn joined the Big Sky Board and is honored to be a member of this board.

When Dawn was 17 she was secretary of the RSI Youth Seminar. In 1994 she started the Labels for Education program at the Orting Schools. Dawn has been a board member for the PTA and her local Chamber of Commerce. After owning her own business for 19 years, she now works as a Chiropractic Assistant.

Dawn lives in Orting, Washington with her husband Bruce. They have three children, two grand-daughters, and one grandson. She also enjoys yoga, gardening, reading, and being outdoors.

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Rev. Scott Olson

Board Member

Coming Soon!

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Our Past Board Members:

We are eternally grateful to all of our past Board Members for their dedication and guidance:

Bette Bogart 1977-1998 (Served as Secretary from 1977-1998)

Rev. Helen Brungardt-Pope 1977-1994 (Served as Vice President from 1977-1984 as as interim President in 1984 upon the death of Rev. Al Heard)

Dr. Roy Graves 1977-1989 (Served as President from 1984-1988)

Rev. Al Heard 1977-1984 (Served as President from 1977-1984)

Dr. Clarke Odden 1977-1999 (Served as Vice President from 1984-1986)

Joseph Richards 1977-1978 (Served as Treasurer from 1977-1978)

Dr. Fred Vogt 1977-1999 (Served as President 1988-1999)

Gladys Wright 1977-1997 (Served as Treasurer 1978-1996)

Mansfield Davis 1978-1982

Dr. Otis Thomas 1982-1988

Joe Dickey 1984-2017 (Served as Vice President from 1986-1999 and President from 1999-2017)

Howard Caesar 1988-2017

Dr. Roger Teel 1994-1998 and 2005-2006

Barbara Resendez 1997-2015 (Served as Retreat Coordinator from 1998-2015 and Executive Director from 2015-2018)

Connee Chandler 1998-2005 (Served as Secretary from 1998-2005)

Rev. Donald Graves 1999-2013 (Served as Secretary from 2005-2011)

Rev. Kathy Vogt 1999-2007

Dr. Ron Masters 2007-2016 (Served as Secretary from 2012-2016)

Rev. Ruth Fatur 2008-2013

Rev. Carmen Brocklehurst 1990-2018 (Served as Vice President from 1999-2017)

Joan Hansen 2013-2020 (Served as Registrar from 2011-2019 and Secretary from 2016-2020)

John Moore 2015-2020 (Served as President from 2017-2020)

Dr. Sheldon Deal, Emeritus Board Member (1999-2020)

Gail Courville 2016-2020 (Served as Vice President from 2017-2020)

Rev. Kathy Young 2019-2021 (Served as Co-Spiritual Director 2020-2021)

Rev. Michael Gott 2013-2021 (Also served as Music Director 2013 – 2021)

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