Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about Unbecoming everything that isn’t really you so you can BE who you were meant to be in the first place.
– Paulo Coelho


We’re so grateful you’re exploring our Big Sky Retreat, the longest running metaphysical retreat in the world. We’d love to have you join us for a direct experience of why!

The Big Sky Retreat reflects & celebrates Oneness – though unique, we are One without exception. We believe we are each called to continuously expand our Consciousness and more fully live into – and AS – Love, authentically expressing high regard & respect for ALL. This Retreat exists to serve that pure intention.

Set in the majestic beauty of Big Sky Montana, the Retreat was founded to provide a soul enriching experience of connection & rejuvenation in a magnificent setting to which people would want to return. And so it does! Returning participants express joy at ‘coming home’, new folks describe feeling ‘part of the family’, decades-long relationships were formed at Big Sky, and gratitude for leaving ‘refreshed & inspired’ abounds. FaceBook, YouTube, & Instagram enable year-round connection.

There are a variety of ways to get plugged in! Big Sky Retreat is a highly-volunteer engaged event with numerous ways to serve. Our part-time staff are all seasoned volunteers, and our Board has been comprised of volunteers since the beginning. We are grateful to be continually building on a rich legacy of Board Leadership. If you’re interested in volunteering with Big Sky Retreat, just contact us!

Our objective is to nurture the soul, heart, mind & body by creating a safe space for thoughtful conversation, contemplation – and fun! The Retreat includes whole community gatherings with uplifting professional music and speakers who are all present throughout the week; small group activities; spiritual practice options; and unstructured time.

The beautiful surroundings, warm community and relaxed structure of the Big Sky Retreat create an uncommon experience of rest, reflection, inspiration, learning, deepening, and recharging. We hope we’ll get to meet you there soon!

Charles D. Geddes
Dr. Charles D. Geddes
Co-Spiritual Director
Rev. Kathy Young
Co-Spiritual Director