Joe-Dickey-PresidentHi, I’m Joe Dickey, the President of the Big Sky Retreat, an event that I’ve attended every year since 1982. It has become a “must-do” part of my yearly calendar because over the years I’ve seen this week in the mountains make an enormous impact in the lives of literally thousands of attendees. At the Big Sky Retreat you’ll acquire life-long friends, you’ll gain life-changing knowledge, and you will discover some of life’s great secrets.

This retreat is a simple concept: Get a group of people together from all across the United States, in a beautiful natural setting, in a first-class hotel… then give them world-renowned speakers and teachers, stimulating and informative workshops, incredible music, deep meditations, personal counseling, time to explore and appreciate the beauty of Yellowstone and Big Sky… adding lots of laughter and tears each day… and something magical happens. It becomes the most powerful week of the year! I believe you’ll discover, as you look over this site, that this isn’t just an ordinary “week in the mountains”. The Big Sky Retreat is truly special: it’s enlightening; it’s enriching; most of all, it’s empowering and transforming. Decide, right now, to be part of the Big Sky Retreat this year. Please register as soon as possible because we want to be able to accommodate everyone who wants to attend. You can do that by clicking the “Register Now” button just below my signature. I look forward to meeting you.

Joe Dickey