“I loved my week at the Big Sky Retreat.  I was invited to be a main speaker along with my old friend, Mary Morrissey, and we had a great time there.  This is a loving, intelligent group of people.  The evidence of why this annual event is now in its fifth decade is in the spiritual growth of its members.  I highly recommend the Big Sky Retreat as a place to go deeper, gain important information, make friends, and . . . have a whole lot of fun. This is truly a wonderful retreat. I enjoyed all of it.”

  • Dr. Jean Houston, Past Featured Speaker

“I have attended literally hundreds of conferences during my tenure as Spiritual Leader of Centers for Spiritual Living.  Without a doubt, the Big Sky Retreat stands alone in its longevity, its location, and its spiritual values.  The music, the camaraderie, the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, the love that emanates from the board – all play a part in making this a most meaningful event.”

  • Dr. Kenn Gordon, Spiritual Leader, Centers for Spiritual Living

“Though I was honored to be a presenter at the Big Sky Retreat, my greater joy was in how perfectly I was supported and how “at home” I felt while I was there.  The Big Sky Retreat combines love and spiritual growth with laughter and friendship.  It’s a conference I would attend over and over.  Some of my best friends already do.”

  • Dr. Deborah Gordon, Kelowna, BC

“I can tell you that my heart is literally filled with all that I received there. The level of consciousness of the board and of the attendees was remarkable. It was just a joy being there. Do yourself a favor and put the Big Sky Retreat on your calendar.”

  • Walter Starcke, Author, Lecturer, Mystic

“Having attended many other seminars and retreats, I can, without reservation recommend the Big Sky Retreat as one of my favorites. The camaraderie, the level of commitment, and the evident spiritual growth that occurs there make it truly special.”

  • Dr. Rocco Errico, Author, Lecturer, Bible Scholar

“At the Big Sky Retreat, you will discover the majesty of the mountains, the magic of the resort, and mystic messages from the speakers and in the workshops. Together, these elements combine in a mysterious alchemy providing the most wondrous, heart-opening and life-enriching week ever. Besides all of this, the Big Sky Retreat is FUN! It has changed my life forever.”

  • Mary Manin Morrissey

“I am, without any reservations, recommending to you an annual New Thought gathering, the Big Sky Retreat. This event is one of the most spiritual / elevating / meaningful / fun six days you can ever experience.”

  • Rev. Leo Booth

“The Big Sky Retreat is one of the most inspiring and deeply spiritually moving experiences I’ve ever experienced. The place, the people, the programs and the STAFF are the best! A variety of subjects shared from the heart and soul with love and joy is a recipe that takes us to new heights of awareness!”

  • Dr. Arleen Bump

“All who attend this conference enter into an intimate and powerful experience of Spiritual Community.”

  • Dr. Roger Teel – Denver, CO

“I truly love this retreat, the people, and the place. I don’t have words to really express the feelings that come up for me when I recall my Big Sky memories. You just have to be there!”

  • Rev. Diane Borcyckowski

“Our accommodations were just wonderful. The workshops, the music, the speakers, and the social time allowed for all of us to bond in a really cohesive way. My soul and the soul of each person became one and the same!”

  • Rev. Maureen Hoyt

“My years of attending this Retreat seem nothing short of miraculous. My wife, Nancy, and I were fortunate enough and enthusiastic enough to bring many others. Personally, we experienced spiritual growth beyond measure; we deepened numerous friendships; we learned more about ourselves and our true nature. But most of all, we saw these same things happen in the lives of those we brought to the Retreat. Their growth has been more rewarding than anything else. The Big Sky Retreat is one of the most remarkable events you could ever attend.”

  • Frank T. Abraham, Houston, TX

“During the Retreat, people are reminded of their magnificence. They are inspired, they are entertained, and they move away from their time there better able to experience the wonder of their life.”

  • Terry McBride Mesa, AZ