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The Spiritual Retreat that brings
Teachers and Seekers together in one breathtaking destination.

September 3-8, 2022 in Big Sky, Montana

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Who We Are

Big Sky opens our arms wide to anyone who is embarking on the most powerful journey of all –into their true spiritual nature. From beginners to ministers, practitioners and spiritual teachers, we are a diverse community where we learn and grow together. Come here to restore, renew and reimagine what is possible

Big Sky 2022

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This year we celebrate everything we are free to be. We are free to be together, in-person in Big Sky, Montana again! We are free to come together in community, learn, dream and do. We are free to be in the presence of some of the greatest spiritual minds of our time, and we are extremely proud that this year we have a doubly powerful line up of speakers, including:


SEPTEMBER 3-8, 2022


What To Expect at Big Sky

Our Program

We provide inspiring talks, powerful workshops, and a wealth of contemplative and adventurous activities.


Our Venue

Big Sky Resort has a range of accommodations, spas, dining, and activities for every taste.

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Our registration fees are well within reach for anyone. Here are four steps to save your spot.

What They Are Saying About Big Sky


Mary Manin Morrissey

“At the Big Sky Retreat, you will discover the majesty of the mountains, the magic of the resort, and mystic messages from the speakers and in the workshops. Together, these elements combine in a mysterious alchemy providing the most wondrous, heart-opening and life-enriching week ever. Besides all of this, the Big Sky Retreat is FUN! It has changed my life forever."


Dr. Kenn Gordon 
Former CSL Spiritual Leader

“I have attended literally hundreds of conferences during my tenure as Spiritual Leader of Centers for Spiritual Living.  Without a doubt, the Big Sky Retreat stands alone in its longevity, its location, and its spiritual values.  The music, the camaraderie, the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, the love that emanates from the board – all play a part in making this a most meaningful event.”


Dr. Jean Houston

“I loved my week at the Big Sky Retreat.  I was invited to be a main speaker along with my old friend, Mary Morrissey, and we had a great time there.  This is a loving, intelligent group of people.  The evidence of why this annual event is now in its fifth decade is in the spiritual growth of its members.  I highly recommend the Big Sky Retreat as a place to go deeper, gain important information, make friends, and . . . have a whole lot of fun. This is truly a wonderful retreat. I enjoyed all of it.”

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Answers to the most common questions we hear about Big Sky Spiritual Retreat:

Q: What is a spiritual retreat?

A: Spiritual retreats can mean different things to different people. Big Sky is built on the universal principle of oneness found in New Thought philosophies such as Science of Mind, Unity, Course in Miracles, and in teaching from such luminaries as the Dali Llama, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Emerson, Marianne Williamson, Abraham Hicks, and so many more. We explore purpose, meaning, healing and energy disciplines, meditation, and many more exciting practices to expand our consciousness and elevate our personal growth in breathtaking Big Sky, Montana.


Q: Who should attend?

A: Big Sky is designed for the spiritual seeker, wherever they are on their personal path. Many of our attendees are Unity ministers and Center for Spiritual Living Ministers and Practitioners. We also have healers, energy workers, and people for every walk of life who are looking for a sacred space to deepen their self-awareness and grow along spiritual lines in the company of others doing similar work.


Q: What type of spiritual retreat is this?

A: While there are many types of spiritual retreats, from silent meditation, to yoga or discipline based, teacher-led, as well as destination or topic focused, Big Sky includes some of each of these and adds music, a wide variety of workshops, and great community connections with roughly 200 other like-minded people from all over the country.


Q: Is this retreat always in the same location?

A: Big Sky Retreat is held in Big Sky Montana, with the exception of recent Covid restrictions. We chose Big Sky as a truly authentic experience, that is easy to get to, and as rich in natural wonder and activities as other popular designations like Sedona, Arizona and more expensive and remote destinations such as Bali. We believe Big Sky truly does have it all.


Q: Do I need to attend all five days?

A: Big Sky is designed to fit your schedule. We offer a weekend package as well as the longer five-day option. So for anyone who is looking for a weekend retreat, you can achieve a complete retreat experience, or if you wish to go deeper and explore the gorgeous natural setting, we have that option as well.


Q: Why should I attend Big Sky?

A: Big Sky is truly among one of the best spiritual retreats in the world. We have had 40 years of history to prove it. Besides attracting top spiritual teachers and leaders from around the world, we have selected one of the most profound locations for spiritual awakening. Only you can decide if Big Sky is right for you right now, but we know once you try it, you’ll keep coming back year, after year, after year.

Big Sky Retreat Gathering
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