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View of Lone Peak and Big Sky Resort

The Spiritual Retreat that brings Teachers and Seekers together in one breathtaking destination. 

August 31 - September  3, 2024

Who We Are

Big Sky opens our arms wide to anyone who is embarking on the most powerful journey of all –into their true spiritual nature. From beginners to ministers, practitioners and spiritual teachers, we are a diverse community where we learn and grow together. Come here to restore, renew and reimagine what is possible.

Our Upcoming Retreat

"A Journey to Love"

August 31 - September 3, 2024



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Big Sky Retreat Gathering

People attending this spiritual retreat enjoy a range of experiences from group activities to quiet contemplative time.  

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A Message From the President...


Our 2024 theme is “A Journey to Love” and I believe that exploring how we can be Love in the world is vitally important now more than ever.  Yes, our mission is “bringing teachers and seekers together in one breathtaking destination,” but it is so much more than that! Our mission is also about positively impacting, both individually and collectively, the conflict, divisiveness, and hatred we experience in the United States and around the globe. Humanity can only evolve through the remembrance that we are all on a “A Journey to Love.”


Our keynote speaker, Rev. Dr. James Mellon, the inspiration from Robin Hackett, our featured musician, our evening, and workshop presenters will each bring their deepest insights as to how we carry Love forward to our friends, family, and communities so that we can have a profound impact through our “Journey to Love.” I welcome all returnees and new attendees to this sacred opportunity before us. 


On  A Journey to Love,

Charles Geddes

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