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Find a Bigger Purpose at Big Sky.

There is no prerequisite to begin your spiritual journey - except you must begin. Purpose and meaning is found within, and we make it simple in a breathtaking setting, supported by others on the same journey.

Who We Are

Big Sky Retreat is founded on the idea of connecting the most inspiring spiritual thinkers of our time with seekers growing their spiritual consciousness.


For 40 years we have opened our arms wide to anyone who is embarking on the most powerful journey of all –into their true spiritual nature. From beginners to ministers, practitioners and spiritual teachers, we are a diverse community where we learn and grow together. Come here to restore, renew and reimagine what is possible.

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Our Vision

The Big Sky Retreat is an anchoring space for remembrance, 
and  renewal.

Our Mission

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In a magnificent setting we provide opportunity for deep discovery of our collective evolution, personal transformation, and heart-to-heart connections. aches their attention. Click to edit and customize the text."

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Our Values


Everything we create connects us with the Divine.


Transformation is our true nature. We seek to expand who we are at every turn.


Growth happens best in the presence of others who are on a similar journey of awakening.

The History of Big Sky

Today, Big Sky Spiritual Retreat can proudly say we are the longest running New Thought retreat in the world, serving ministers, practitioners and a diverse community of spiritual seekers.  Our Board still consists of one of the founding board members, Charles Geddes, who ensures the values and ideas that began this incredible tradition, are still intact.  We hope you will join us so you, too, can experience the magic that happens year after year!

The Origin of a New Idea

We Are the Consciousness that Surrounds Us

Moving Mountains

Big Sky Retreat began in 1976 as the Grand Teton Retreat. It originated from a friendship between Roy Graves and Al Heard. They shared a dream of a spiritual gathering based on meditation and “going within” as early as 1960 in San Francisco.  They cultivated this idea over many years.  


In 1974, Al Heard and Helen Brungardt discovered the Jackson Lake Lodge in Moran, Wyoming, a rugged resort of types with a glorious view of the Grand Tetons.  Mesmerized by the natural setting and incredible feelings of tranquility, Al and Helen knew it was the perfect location and instantly reached out to Roy Graves, Bettie Bogart and Gladys Wright for their expertise in making this gathering happen.  One-by-one they marshaled resources, carefully planned and recruited as many friends as possible; thus creating the Grand Teton Retreat!

The first Board of Directors consisted of Al Heard, Helen Brungardt, Bettie Bogarte, Gladys Wright, Fred Vogt, Charles Geddes, Joe Richards, Roy Graves and Clarke Odden. In the beginning years, the Retreat was mostly funded by the Board- but eventually it caught on and was funded by those eager to attend.  According to Roy Graves, “From cool weather, to Tai Chi Chih on the mountain side patio, and even wedding reaffirmations on ‘Lunch Box Hill;’ it became a spirited and spiritual retreat in every sense of the word!”

In 1994, the Grand Teton Retreat moved to expansive Big Sky, Montana. The move maintained the glorious natural setting and continued to provide the reasonable price point for attendees, making the retreat within reach of anyone  wanting to undertake the rich spiritual journey the Big Sky Retreat had become known for.  In 1995, the gathering was renamed to Big Sky Retreat with the apropos theme of Moving Mountains!

Bettie Bogarte, a Board Member for 23 years, retired in 1998.  Upon stepping down, Bettie said “…it was like losing an important part of myself. The people who attend and the activities always gave me more than I could contribute to it.” We hope you will have that experience for yourself, along with countless attendees who return year after year.



 Meet the Big Sky Retreat Board and Dedicated Staff who bring our Vision, Mission and Values to life every year.