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Dawn BaloghDawn Balogh

Dawn Balogh (Head Cashier) was raised as a student of metaphysics and attended her first Big Sky Retreat in 2006. She served as assistant cashier until 2016 when she became head cashier. She is honored to work beside her mom, Dr. Elizabeth Marshall, cashiering. When Dawn was 17 she was secretary of the RSI Youth Seminar. In 1994 she started the Labels for Education program at the Orting Schools. Dawn has been a board member for the PTA and her local Chamber of Commerce. After owning her own business for 19 years she is now semi-retired. She works as a Chiropractic assistant. She not only volunteers at the Retreat, but does countless hours of community service in Orting, Washington, where she lives with her husband. They have three children, two grand-daughters, and one grandson. She also enjoys yoga, gardening, reading, and being outdoors.

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Ali BenjaminRev. Alison Benjamin

Ali is a spiritual teacher, ordained minister, and the director of the Satya Center for Spiritual Living, a thriving New Thought community in northern Utah.

She has been a curious seeker her entire life and student of Truth for the past 30 years. She is the founder and director of the Satya Center and enjoys speaking, teaching, coaching, and counseling. Ali is a painter artist and offers Art & Soul Playshops throughout the year, in which she combines meditation, visioning, discussion, and painting.

Ali’s personal Mission and Vision is to inspire and empower individuals to embrace a more intimate relationship with their heart, their power, and their God. She spends her life in service of this vision through serving, painting, playing, and praying.

Ali is married to Michael. Together they work as directors of the Satya Center. She is mother to Adam, Alex, and Chris, and grandmother to Kilee, Lily, and Kora. They live in Ogden, Utah and enjoy their family, spiritual retreats, volunteering in the community, and being a positive force for good at the top of Utah! They live by Gandhi’s wisdom- Be the change you wish to see in the world.

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Gail CourvilleGail Courville

Gail Courville’s (Vice-President) magical journey from her birthplace in Maine to the Montana Big Sky Retreat is creating a full circle of love and joy in the lives of many. She is a businesswoman, parent, grandparent, entrepreneur, farmer, and healer. Motivated by the belief that she came to life to live out loud and become a resource for joy, she dances merrily with her vision of love healing.

Her career path, the nascent long-term care industry from the late 1960’s until retirement in 2000, inspired her respect for all stages of life. Upon opening the first proprietary home health agency in New Hampshire, she quickly expanded the services to 24-hour 7-day a week in-home care. Gail’s belief that care is an around-the-clock service initiated a new standard in home health care protocol.

In 2000, new endeavors and adventures began for this dynamic woman. As a recently retired industry leader and empty-nester of three adult sons, she relocated to Virginia. The arrival of her first granddaughter coupled with finding her spiritual home at Unity of Bon Air opened her heart to something new. In 2014, her dream of an expanded purpose of sowing and harvesting love began with her creation of Serenity Farm in beautiful, pastoral Maidens, Virginia. This vision embraces retreats and workshops for healers, spiritual teachers, seekers, and artists. As steward of 109 acres of land as her home and a healing center, Gail is dedicated to the cultivation of a spiritual environment that enriches and allows a peaceful place to connect with one’s authentic self.

Since 2012, the Big Sky Retreat has inspired and nurtured Gail’s faith and playful spirit for which she is most grateful. Gail joined the Board in 2016.

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Sheldon Deal - Big Sky RetreatDr. Sheldon Deal

Dr. Sheldon Deal is the owner-director of the Swan Clinic of Natural Healing in Tucson, Arizona, and has written several popular books on nutrition and natural methods of healing. His innovative views of healing are widely quoted. Sheldon always brings new and fresh ideas on the way we look at our bodies and how we learn to live in them. His knowledge of Applied Kinesiology and his ability to teach new techniques makes him world renowned. He has lectured throughout Europe, Russia, and Australia for twenty-three years. With his wife, Cindy, Sheldon has been a staunch supporter of the Retreat since 1981. He joined the Retreat Board in 1999.

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Dr. Charles GeddesCharles Geddes

Dr. Charles Geddes (Treasurer) is a founding member of the Big Sky Retreat.  He has 47 years of ministry and served on the Board of Directors of International Centers for Spiritual Living.  He was awarded an honorary doctorate for his years of contributions and in 2004 voted Minister of the Year.  He resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida,  and is the Founder and Spiritual Director of Bridges Spiritual Centers, Inc., a non-profit Center dedicated to celebrating “the innate divinity in everyone.   He is a member of the Affiliated New Thought Network and the Emerson Theological Institute.

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Rev. Michael Gott

Rev. Michael Gott joined the Board in 2013 and is the Music Director.  He is an accomplished musician – singer/songwriter/pianist – and has been a successful entertainer, performing all over the world, for over 25 years.  Michael is also an outstanding speaker and teacher, and the Senior Minister at Unity of Houston, Houston, Texas since 2017.  He has been the Special Guest Musician for the Retreat since 2009 and is always at the top of everyone’s “favorite singer” list.  Michael’s many skills and his long-time study of metaphysical principles makes him an invaluable member of the Retreat.

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joan-hansen-2016Joan Hansen

Joan Hansen (Secretary) and her husband Mike live in SaddleBrooke, Arizona and attended their first Big Sky Retreat in 2009. She remembers Joe Dickey telling her and Mike at Registration in 2009, “This week will change your life,” and emphatically states that it has!  Joan and Mike developed a new database and registration system in 2010, and Joan became our Registrar in 2011.  She joined the Board in 2013. She was introduced to the Science of Mind Philosophy thru the television show New Design for Living, hosted by Dr. Fred Vogt (one of our founding members and a former Retreat President), and has studied with Rev. Marty Bacher, Dr. Roger Teel, Rev. Donald Graves and others.  Her corporate career spanned 18+ years in Land Administration in various management positions for the largest U.S. independent oil and gas producer.  Her passions are traveling, reading, knitting and the Big Sky Retreat.

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John Harold Moore

John Harold MooreJohn Harold Moore (President) was guided to attend his first Big Sky Retreat in 2014. He thought he was going as an attendee, but due to unforeseen circumstances, some last minute schedule changes, and a few miracles, two weeks before the Retreat he was asked to facilitate a workshop. His decision to say yes turned out to be one of the biggest blessings in his life. After a warm welcome into the Big Sky family, and facilitating two more Family Constellations workshops the following year, John was honored to accept the invitation to join the Board in 2015. To say John brings a diverse background to this Board might be an understatement. He graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Acting and Advertising Design, worked in theater administration in Syracuse and Washington, DC, performed in parades and shows at the Walt Disney World Resort for seven years, and was a licensed massage therapist in South Florida for thirteen years.

John began attending church services at Unity on the Bay in Miami, Florida, in 2002 and has been a student of New Thought ever since. Life continued to unfold in miraculous ways for John, bringing him the perfect teachers and life experiences that led to the work he feels he was born to do today as a Life Coach, Minister, Family Constellations Facilitator, and A Course in Miracles Teacher. John teaches classes and facilitates workshops at home in Houston, Texas, as well as all over the United States.

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Kathy Young

Rev. Kathy Young is an engaging speaker, teacher, facilitator and executive coach, Rev. Kathy Young is passionate about the power of Awakened Leadership and Intentional Communication. She attended her first Big Sky Retreat in 2017, and began serving on our Board in 2019.

Kathy has a unique talent for creating meaningful growth experiences. Her depth of expertise in interpersonal relationships/interactions, shared- & servant-leadership development, communication- and conflict dynamics, and empowered community creation adds value to spiritual communities and business organizations nationally and internationally.

Based in Colorado, she’s the Founder and Spiritual Director of IntentionWise, a CSL Ministry focused on supporting the development of spiritual organizations and leaders. She also serves as President of Carlson / Young, a non-profit firm specializing in high- impact custom leadership- and executive team development, communications, and workplace community.

An ordained Centers for Spiritual Living minister, Kathy is licensed/certified in multiple assessments and coaching modalities; an award-winning video producer/ director; a songwriter/vocalist and Nana to 9 beloved grandchildren.

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Our Past Board Members:

We are eternally grateful to all of our past Board Members for their dedication and guidance:

Bette Bogart 1977-1998 (serving as Secretary from 1977-1998)

Rev. Helen Brungardt-Pope 1977-1994 (serving as Vice President from 1977-1984 as as interim President in 1984 upon the death of Rev. Al Heard)

Dr. Roy Graves 1977-1989 (serving as President from 1984-1988)

Rev. Al Heard 1977-1984 (serving as President from 1977-1984)

Dr. Clarke Odden 1977-1999 (serving as Vice President from 1984-1986)

Joseph Richards 1977-1978 (serving as Treasurer from 1977-1978)

Dr. Fred Vogt 1977-1999 (serving as President 1988-1999)

Gladys Wright 1977-1997 (serving as Treasurer 1978-1996)

Mansfield Davis 1978-1982

Dr. Otis Thomas 1982-1988

Joe Dickey 1984-2017 (serving as Vice President from 1986-1999 and President from 1999-2017)

Howard Caesar 1988-2017

Dr. Roger Teel 1994-1998 and 2005-2006

Barbara Resendez 1997-2015 (serving as Retreat Coordinator from 1998-2015 and Executive Director from 2015-2018)

Connee Chandler 1998-2005 (serving as Secretary from 1998-2005)

Rev. Donald Graves 1999-2013 (serving as Secretary from 2005-2011)

Rev. Kathy Vogt 1999-2007

Dr. Ron Masters 2007-2016 (serving as Secretary from 2012-2016)

Rev. Ruth Fatur 2008-2013

Rev. Carmen Brocklehurst 1990-2018 (serving as Vice President from 1999-2017)

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