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Board of Directors

Our board members work all year to 

ensure this fabulous event is an open space where spiritual exploration and transformation can occur with ease and fun!



In a magnificent setting we provide opportunity for deep discovery of our collective evolution, personal transformation, and heart-to-heart connections. 


The Big Sky Retreat is an anchoring space for remembrance,  re-awakening, and  renewal.

Board of Directors

Our Past Board Members

We are eternally grateful to all of our past Board Members for their dedication and guidance.

Bette Bogart 1977-98 (Secretary  1977-98)

Rev. Helen Brungardt-Pope 1977-94 (Vice President 1977-84, interim President 1984)

Dr. Roy Graves 1977-89 (President 1984-88)

Rev. Al Heard 1977-84 (President 1977-84)

Dr. Clarke Odden 1977-99 (Vice President 1984-86)

Joseph Richards 1977-78 (Treasurer 1977-78)

Dr. Fred Vogt 1977-99 (President 1988-99)

Gladys Wright 1977-97 (Treasurer 1978-96)

Mansfield Davis 1978-82

Dr. Otis Thomas 1982-88

Joe Dickey 1984-2017 (Vice President 1986-99, President 1999-2017)

Howard Caesar 1988-2017

Dr. Roger Teel 1994-98 and 2005-06

Barbara Resendez 1997-2015 (Retreat Coordinator 1998-2015, Executive Director  2015-18)

Connee Chandler 1998-2005 (Secretary 1998-2005)

Rev. Donald Graves 1999-2013 (Secretary 2005-2011)

Rev. Kathy Vogt 1999-2007

Dr. Ron Masters 2007-16 (Secretary 2012-16)

Rev. Ruth Fatur 2008-13

Rev. Carmen Brocklehurst 1990-2018 (Vice President 1999-2017)

Joan Hansen 2013-20 (Registrar 2011-19, Secretary 2016-20)

John Moore 2015-20 (President 2017-20)

Dr. Sheldon Deal, Emeritus Board Member (1999-2020)

Gail Courville 2016-20 (Vice President 2017-2020)

Rev. Kathy Young 2019 -21 (Co-Spiritual Director 2021)​

Rev. Michael Gott 2013- 21  (Music Director)

Rev. Alison Benjamin 2017-22 (Vice President 2021-2022)

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