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Charles Geddes


Rev. Dr. Charles Geddes is a founding member and current President on the Board of Directors for the Big Sky Retreat. His steady guidance and profound love for this annual event are evident through his years of dedication to those who volunteer and attend.


In his 50+ years of ministry he served what are now Centers for Spiritual Living, (CSL) in Tucson, AZ, Southern California, and Florida. He received an honorary doctorate for his contributions to New Thought through CSL and the Affiliated New Thought Network (ANTN).


In 2021 Charles moved to Clancy, Montana and launched a new non-profit to honor his latest calling “Mind Your Own Becoming (M.Y.O.B).”   It’s primary theme – “Standing for all lives that have not mattered” and addressing key social issues. Its goal is planting seeds for future generations to awaken to a world that honors equality, love, and regard for all, without exception. To learn more, visit

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