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Michael Gott

Rev. Michael Gott, the senior minister of one of the world’s largest Unity churches, is an engaging speaker and a multi-talented musician who inspires and entertains.

For over 20 years, Rev. Michael Gott has been a leader in the New Thought movement.  While currently focused on serving as the spiritual leader of Unity of Houston, he also travels throughout North America and Europe, singing and speaking at conferences and spiritual centers.

Rev. Gott has been ordained by both Unity Worldwide Ministries and Centers for Spiritual Living, the latter of which also recognized him with an honorary doctorate for his contributions to contemporary spiritual music.

Rev. Gott joined the ministerial team at Unity of Houston in 2011 and was installed as senior minister in September 2017.  In recent years, he has shared the stage with internationally known leaders such as Dr. Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson.

With his compassionate ability to create spiritual community and his background in various musical styles such as gospel, pop, opera, musical theater, classical piano and jazz, he offers exciting, engaging and heartfelt messages and music.

Rev. Gott has been featured in national and regional publications.  He has recorded and released 10 albums, and he has collaborated on the stage productions Split Ends, Five O’clock Call and All STRESSED Up With Nowhere To Go.

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Melinda Wood Allen

Rev. Melinda Wood Allen is an engaging New Thought minister as well as an award-winning singer/songwriter who performs in many genres: musical theatre to classical to jazz to gospel to folk. With her amazing four-octave range, she has toured with cowboy bands and symphony orchestras alike, not focusing on a single style of music, but on singing songs that bring universal truth, healing and inspiration to audiences.

Currently Senior Minister at Cathedral of Light Center for Spiritual Truth in Dallas TX, Melinda also shares her music and Truth Principles at retreats & conferences, in prisons & to recovery groups.

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SuZ Ogden

SuZ Ogden resides in the very heart of the country, Oklahoma, where she has lived for thirteen years. She is music director and spiritual mentor at United Life Spiritual Center in Oklahoma City.

SuZ, as choir director, writes, arranges and directs music. She has worked with many singers and musicians over the years to further their love and efficiency in the world of music.

She is currently working on a new CD of chants entitled, Reflections, a musical work to soothe the soul. She was recently published in the New Thought Song book that was distributed by Hal Leonard publications.

Her album, Come Celebrate, can now be streamed on line.

SuZ says, “The most important thing in life now is my relationship with God and my dedication to life being a spiritualpractice.”

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