Sandra Gail Pierson


Toes on Mat!  Sandra Gail Pierson took her first yoga class 50 years ago.  It was not love at first stretch. It was another 5 years until she tried again. Much better. Turning 60 and desiring another life adventure, she took her teacher's training through Yoga Calm. Her chosen focus is a yoga practice which often includes a slower, adaptive and more somatic approach to mat time.


The invitation Yoga offers is a pathway to harmonizing body, mind and Spirit.  And that is a lifelong exploration.  No matter where folks are on their yoga journey, they will find a welcoming class here.


Having been a student of metaphysics for decades, she has served as a Spiritual Leader for Unity Churches in Portland, OR and Billings, MT.  Her affection for Montana extends to the wonderful Helena Church of Conscious Living. She continues to offer messages of inspired thought through online and in person events.


She is interested in encouraging folks to experience a heartfelt and meaningful life. You might find her wandering barefoot in her garden, delighting in her grandchildren or feeling deep gratitude for the moment. For more information on Sandra Gail, go to