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Jeffon Seely


Jeffon Seely is a dynamic transformational speaker and workshop facilitator. He represents a new progressive generation of change agents who naturally bridges the differences between and amongst individuals. His presentations include a wide range of subjects including: diversity and inclusion; inclusive leadership; mindfulness and well-being, support and performance; resiliency and psychological wellness; empowerment; engagement; and organizational transformation.

Jeffon has a unique ability to facilitate differences involving people and processes as well as propose progressive solutions for addressing the radically changing environment in our world. He approaches this type of exploration in a sensitive, yet direct, manner; encouraging people to become astronauts of inner space.

He has had the opportunity to work with Centers for Spiritual Living and Unity Churches for nearly a decade speaking at over one-hundred different spiritual communities across America and is a frequent contributor to the Science of Mind Magazine. Guided by these universal principles, he’s passionate about merging the spiritual within the business world which he serves regularly.

Mr. Seely is a highly requested workshop, seminar, and keynote speaker—integrating high-tech and unlimited human potential. His presentations involve a variety of different corporations, organizations, universities and colleges, and non-profits. Some include the Department of Commerce, the Home Depot, NASA, Kroger, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Department of the Interior, UNLV, Atlanta Public Schools, University of Washington, North Dakota State University, Boys & Girls Club, the Special Olympics, and other Fortune 500 Organizations.

Jeffon is committed to shining a light of hope, peace, and power into every environment he enters.

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