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Liza Marquez

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Rev. Dr. Liza Marquez is a New Thought Minister, an international spiritual teacher and speaker, a writer, an avid traveler, and a consummate seeker.  Her fascination for world religions began at a young age and she was encouraged by her parents to pursue her passion for learning varied theologies.  Dr. Liza grew up between San Antonio, Texas, where her mother is from and Guadalajara, Mexico where her dad claims his roots.  She attended The Pennsylvania State University where she received her Bachelor of Arts in International Politics with a minor in French.  After university, Dr. Liza decided to travel and work/live abroad. Throughout her travels, she never missed an opportunity to visit a Temple or speak to an Imam or meditate with Buddhists.  Her curiosity and exploration led her to New Thought philosophy where she began her studies and eventually received her Ministerial License as well as her Doctorate of Consciousness Studies through the Emerson Theological Institute.  Her studies led her to delve into the similarities of science and spirituality.  This profound sense of connection between these two seemingly opposing schools of thought has brought her to a passion project, she is creating a docu-series; to explain and explore the unity between science, spirituality and how they relate to creating Life.  She is currently creating teaching at the Global Truth Center in Los Angeles as well as doing online workshops for students all over the world.  You can follow Dr. Liza on IG @official.lizamarquez

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