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Liz Luoma

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Rev. Liz Luoma is a dynamic speaker, teacher, and a licensed, ordained minister with both Centers for Spiritual Living and Unity Worldwide Ministries.


She served as the senior minister at CSL-TT from August 2012 – March 2018, as senior minister at the Spiritual Center for Positive Living, Unity Fort Collins, and presently as the senior minister at Unity Santa Fe since Dec. 2021.


Rev. Liz is a master communicator and presenter whose mission & passion in life is to help people awaken to the Truth of Who they are as Spiritual Beings and to provide the tools necessary to live with more Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony, and Freedom in all areas of their lives.  She is passionate and highly skilled in leading growth workshops and teaching classes using Universal Life principles, love, humor, and practical application steps.

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