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Michele Whittington


Rev. Dr. Michele Whittington’s vision for her life is to travel her ever-ascending spiritual journey and serve others with love and compassion as they travel theirs. 


With that vision in mind, she became an ordained Religious Science minister in 1998 and served as Senior Minister to Creative Living Fellowship, a Religious Science church community, for almost 22 years.  She is also a licensed Art of Feminine Presence® master teacher and a certified Real Love coach.


In addition, she has authored two books, the first of which is From Our Hearts to Yours:  Stories and lessons on conscious loving, conscious dying and conscious living.  This is a deeply personal and touching account of her and her husband’s love story that lasted almost three decades.  It chronicles their journey before, through and after his terminal illness.  

Her second book is a co-creation with others and is entitled Heroine Tales:  So no woman has to slay her dragons along.  It contains moving, poignant and meaningful stories of women who became the heroines of their own stories.


When Rev. Michele left the pulpit ministry in 2018, she began a new ministry as the founder of Unleash Your Life Consulting.  In this new expression of her ministry, she is a nationally sought-after keynote speaker and offers classes, workshops, retreats as well as one-on-one mentoring, all aimed at empowering those who want to take their feet off the brakes and fully embrace their dreams.


In early 2022, she became the Executive Director of the Affiliated New Thought Network.

When she is not engaged in all of that, she is living her unleashed life in her home in Phoenix, Arizona, with her little dog Curly.

Michele's website:

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