SuZ Ogden and Rev. Melinda Wood-Allen

Music Team

Music touches us in a deep and personal way that allows us to connect uniquely with ourselves and others. These talented beings share and draw us into this experience felt beyond words.


Rev Melinda Wood-Allen

Lezlee Monroe

Lezlee Monroe was born and raised in Logan, Utah where she discovered her love and gift for music at an early age on the old family piano. 


She had 10 years of private classical piano instruction and has been writing songs since she was 6 years old.

She participated in everything musical in Jr. High and High School, from crashing cymbals in the marching band to writing and singing ...


Melinda Wood Allen

Rev. Melinda Wood Allen, this year’s music director of the Big Sky Retreat, is fully at home in the role, having held that position for over 20 years (1986-2011) at one of the country’s largest New Thought centers, Unity of Fort Worth, where she headed a music department over 100 members strong and even performed with them at Carnegie Hall. 


Her great passion since her youth has been ...


SuZ Ogden

SuZ Ogden resides in the very heart of the country, Oklahoma, where she has lived for thirteen years. She is music director and spiritual mentor at United Life Spiritual Center in Oklahoma City.

SuZ, as choir director, writes, arranges and directs music. She has worked with many singers and musicians over the years to further their love and efficiency in the ....

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