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Orlinda Worthington


Orlinda Worthington worked as a news anchor, producer and reporter for 20+ years.   She has been a student of New Thought for forty years, is ordained through One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, a licensed practitioner and current ministerial student with Centers for Spiritual Living.


Orlinda has been recognized by the Montana Broadcasters Association with more than one E.B. Craney Award for Excellence in Broadcasting, winner of Best of the West Community Television Programming for “The Woo Woo Girls,” and has earned first place in several Toastmaster competitions, including Humorous Speaking.  She lives in Bozeman, MT.


After leaving the anchor desk, Orlinda is now a popular broadcaster of Enlightentainment… a combination of insights arrived at through brilliance, bravery…and blunders.


“It’s been said that when we laugh, the heart exhales.  And that’s good news for me because

I discovered that many of my enlightening, “ah-ha” moments have come from some of my most humiliating, ha-ha experiences.  How about you?  We’ll enlighten-up together as we look at humor as a spiritual practice.


As sitcom creator Norman Lear says, “When we laugh together, we are one.”  I look forward to all of us sharing some laughter as one, at the Big Sky Retreat.”

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