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Laura Cole


Dr. Laura Cole is a professional speaker, author of the book New Thoughts Create a New Life, transformational life coach, Sign Language interpreter as well as a highly successful entrepreneur specializing in helping others manifest a life they love living.

She owns Inspirational Outcomes, a motivational consulting firm that offers coaching, classes and presenting.  The focus is to teach others about the power of their mind and how to co-create with the Universe, so they can accomplish and manifest anything their heart desires. Her aim is to inspire people to discover a dream that is in harmony with their soul’s purpose, so they can live happy, fulfilling, abundant lives.

Laura has been a workshop leader and professional presenter for over 15 years, educating individuals on how to start and run prosperous businesses. Utilizing her knowledge and experiences as a sign language interpreter, Laura is able to dissect communication in a way that few others can. This skill has made her the ideal presenter for corporations who want to have a productive conversation about culturally sensitive topics such as race and disability in the workplace, or simply to improve employee-employer relationships.

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