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Big Sky Retreat Ambassador Program

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How did you learn about the Big Sky Retreat?

Studies show that word-of-mouth advertising is the most effective form of sharing information, far surpassing expensive television and radio ads! Although we advertise in spiritual publications and websites, we have found that most of our attendees learned about the Big Sky Retreat from someone who has attended and had a great experience.

Because we understand this, the Big Sky Retreat Board is offering you a substantial reward for doing something that is easy and natural to do. Tell people about your wonderful Big Sky Retreat experience and invite them to come!

We call it the Ambassador Program. 

Anyone who refers at least one new attendee will earn a $100.00 credit which can be applied to their Advance Registration for the following year.

Here’s how it works:
  • Refer as many people as you’d like.  Make sure they put your name on their registration form as having referred them.
  • For each new referral who attends the Retreat you’ll receive a $100 credit (up to the cost of your Advance Registration for the following year).  Refer 4 new people and your next year’s Retreat could be free!
  • At Registration Check-in, you’ll receive a coupon showing a $100 credit for each person referred.
  • The coupons must be applied against the next year’s Advance Registration.
    • The coupons cannot be carried-forward.
    • The coupons are not transferrable.
    • The coupons have no cash value

Just think – the Big Sky Retreat for FREE or at a substantial discount! 

That’s it!  No other requirements. No forms to fill out. No membership fees.

Please direct any questions to:

Here’s what other Ambassadors have to say:

It is easy to invite people because I enjoy the retreat so much.  I expect to have at least two new people with me this year.   My two favorite things – the music and the mountains.

– Rev. Carolyn Harvill

The Big Sky Retreat for me is like a big box of chocolates – too much and too good to keep to myself! As I have invited friends to join me at the retreat I have watched with delight as they have been caught up in the magic of the mountain and the powerful experience of being with kindred souls. BSR is a unique resource for renewal and remembering our oneness. Being an Ambassador is easy to do, sort of like showing pictures of those you love – I just can’t help myself!

– Gail Courville (Ambassador for 3 years prior to becoming a Board member)

I KNEW the minute I walked into the Welcome Reception at Registration that I was home.  It just got better from there! That was in 1992. Coming back every year is like a fun trip home to be with my family – the ones I can relate to!

– Barbara Resendez (Ambassador for 6 years prior to becoming a Board member)

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Tips from Ambassadors:

  • Ask your friends what they’re doing next Labor Day holiday.
  • At church or other events, ask others what they do for their spiritual renewal.
  • Inject into your conversations what you learned or experienced at a Big Sky Retreat.
  • Tell someone about a new friend you made at the Retreat.
  • Carry rack cards in your car, purse, or briefcase that have a sticker with your name and phone number to pass on to those who are interested.
  • Offer to host an information table at your church.
  • Ask like-minded businesses and events if you may post a flyer or leave rack cards. Be sure to add your name with a local phone number for them to call.
  • Post the Retreat ads on your Facebook page, website, newsletter, blog, or in your emails.
  • Make a list of people you have told about the Retreat so you can follow up.
  • If you know someone you spoke to who will be registering, let the Registrar know so your name is linked to the referral.

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2018 Advertising & Support Material

To support you in your efforts, we have provided our digital and print advertising pieces here for your use. All ads have slight variations in size, design and content.

Some digital ads are submitted at 2x the actual size for better display on the newer ultra-high definition monitors. These ads are noted by -HD * after the size. SOM means the ad originally appeared in a publication of Science of Mind Magazine.

NOTE: Ads may NOT be modified without written permission from the Big Sky Retreat Executive Director. Please contact us if you need a print-ready ad with crop marks.

Digital Ads (px x px)

Select the ad you want, and on the following tab, right-click on the ad and “Save As…”

Print Ads (width x height in inches)

Information Table Kit

All the printed materials you will need to host a professional looking Information Table are provided here.

Choose the ones that fit your needs and the space provided for your display.

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Thank You!

Thank you for being an Ambassador for the Big Sky Retreat and spreading the word.

We appreciate you!


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