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Sandra Gail Pierson


Sandra Gail is interested in enhancing well-being, exploring possibilities and discovering insights to enjoy a more fulfilling life. Her grounded spirituality can guide and empower others to express their own unique gifts more fully. 

By honoring what is present physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually a greater sense of balance comes into being.  As we develop this capacity, we open a depth of trust that acts like a compass, guiding and directing us. 

Our choices then can come from a potent sense of connection.


SandraGail has always been a teacher. Her calling is steeped in metaphysics and supported by life experience and studies. She’s a mother and grandmother, yoga teacher, mentor and an intuitive sensitive.

She has served as a Spiritual Leader and interim Minister for New Thought communities. 

You can often find her on a yoga mat, exploring somatic movement and breathing slowly.


Her mantra is: “I get to have this life❣️”

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