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Savanna Noelle


Rev. Savanna Noelle is a speaker, teacher, and relationship coach. She started her spiritual path at the age of 16 years old in Denver, CO at Mile Hi Church. Savanna supports people in their discovery of healthy, connected, conscious intimate relationships and worthiness. 


An ordained minister with a Master’s Degree in Consciousness Studies, Savanna has been a guest speaker at events in London, Kiev, Vancouver, and Cairo. She has worked extensively with global outreach within SOM most notably in both Egypt during their Revolution in 2012 and in Ukraine teaching SOM there over a span of 11 years. Over the last 18 years, she has taught hundreds of students with her signature classes and workshops across the world. You may have seen her face on the cover of the February 2015 edition of the Science of Mind magazine where her article, 'The Sacred Amidst the Shadow" was featured. Savanna is based out of  Seattle, WA. 

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