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Meet the dedicated and hardworking

people that make this event

run seamlessly.

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Donna Davis-Andervis

Production Assistant

Donna Davis-Andervis is a Reiki Master, Registered Nurse, Esthetician, and Interfaith Alliance of Divine Love Minister. She is also a Life and Health Coach and is the co-owner of Your Phoenix Is Rising Inc. which is a team that coaches women across the globe.

Donna is a “Possibilitarian” that encourages women to rise from the ashes of their past and into a new experience to live their best life. Donna resides in Ocala, Florida, where she is the Program Director for the Center for Spiritual Living Ocala church. 2018 was Donna’s first year in this position after serving on the Retreat’s AV Team in 2017.

Donna Davis-Andervis

Bernie Jacobs

On-Site Logistics

Bernie Jacobs

Bernie Jacobs has been attending the Big Sky Retreat since 2012. He has been researching metaphysics since 1990, which led him to the Salt Lake Center For Spiritual Living in 2007. This is where Bernie learned about the Big Sky Retreat and where he’s met many wonderful friends. He was born and raised in Utah, where he currently lives with his beautiful wife and daughter. He has been a proud Union Member of Local 140 – Plumbers, Pipefitters, HVAC&R for over 25 years. Bernie has been a foreman/ supervisor for over 13 of those years. He enjoys spending time with his family, outdoors, biking, hiking, & riding ATV’s.

Toni Krispien

Retreat Designer

Toni Krispien retired from airline management shortly after moving to Colorado in 1998.  Since that time, she has dabbled in various positions to include the home improvement industry, local tourism, and CBD distribution.  She currently works part time on small landscape design and gardening projects. 

Already a student of metaphysics, Toni was thrilled to come across Mile Hi CSL in Lakewood, Colorado.  In 2010, she attended her first Big Sky Retreat and has played a significant role through her volunteer efforts ever since! Although not professionally trained, she has always enjoyed creative endeavors (which is why we love her interior design work at Big Sky!)


Toni’s hobbies include exploring history and beautiful landscapes with her partner Richard.  She also loves attending operas and concerts, hiking, skiing, camping, fishing and quilting.


Darnell Walls

On-Site Registrations

Darnell Walls

Darnell Walls was raised as a student of metaphysics. She attended her first Big Sky Retreat in 2019; it was during this time she was recognized as a superstar and was pulled into the volunteer cashiering gig.  Darnell has an incredible aptitude to learn new things quickly- it didn’t take long for her to join the staff in a more year-round position managing the social media aspects of the retreat. 

Darnell grew up on a farm in rural Washington.  She married her high school sweetheart and together they have two children.  Her upbringing came in handy with her own children as they have intolerance to some foods- so raising animals and growing food for her family became essential.  Darnell created “4 Walls Farm” which consists of cows, pigs, chickens, dogs, cats, and fish!   Her hobbies include gardening, canning, and being out in the sunshine.

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